Mariko Ichikawa Mon

In our war against waste, the best thing you can do is nothing—don’t use anything, don’t consume anything and don’t create anything, but an ascetic life leaves little room for joy, so at Mariko Ichikawa we focus on actively making better choices when it comes to social responsibility and sustainability.


The global fashion industry creates more greenhouse emissions than international flights and shipping combined and is projected to consume a quarter of the world's annual carbon output by 2050. However, fashion’s growing interest in recycling clothing is one way to help manage the inherent waste involved in the production of clothing.

Upcycling is reusing discarded objects or materials to create a product of higher quality than the original. Upcycling reduces cloth and textile waste by reusing deadstock or gently used fabric to create new garments and products.

Through upcycling traditional Japanese kimonos, Mariko Ichikawa addresses the mounting problem of textile waste in the fashion industry and by cleaning gently used kimonos and re-sewing them into one-of-a-kind designs, we extend the usable life of traditional Japanese kimono textiles.

And what do we do with our leftover scraps? We pay to have them collected through Fabscrap, a 501(c)3 charity that helps New York based designers dispose of their commercial textile waste into recycle and reuse initiatives.   


Carbon Neutral Shipping

Whenever possible, Mariko Ichikawa deliveries are shipped via UPS Carbon Neutral services.


Social Consciousness

It isn’t just the environment that we need to treat better, it’s also each other. With so many important causes to support in the world, Mariko Ichikawa partners with Shopping Gives to automatically donate 10% of all sales to any customer’s 501(c)3 charity of choice—simply search by the charity’s name or EIN number in the donation box upon check out to make a selection.

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